A downloadable game for macOS and Android


The ROM requires a GB emulator of some sort. I recommend playing on the browser!!

I've been experimenting with GBStudio. This is the result of me not being able to create sprites

Move - Arrow keys

Interact - Z

Pause (Not sure if this works) - Enter

All the walls are invisible: that's intentional

No sound except for occasional glitches


Congrats! You have no idea where you are, everything is invisible, and your peers are very strange. Sure, there are walls, portals, and more, but you can't see them. And you're an arrow, if you haven't realized your entire life. Find your way out or just sit there. It's your life

Arrow Adventures is based off of the bootleg RPG's of the 90's

This game can be played on an actual game boy!

Install instructions

How to play on game boy:

1. Download ROM

2. Get a Game Boy flash cart (best experience if it's for the original

3. Follow flash cart instructions to get on the game boy

4.  Enjoy the full retro experience!


ArrowAdventureROM 1 MB

Development log


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